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Heroes & Angels

Because volunteers really are the cornerstone of Mobile Meals, we recognize them as our very own Heroes and Angels! Below, several of our wonderful heroes and angels describe in their own words how they feel about the volunteer work that they do.

"You can almost hear the sound of falling and splashing water and feel the mist as you enter a client's living room. One entire wall is a mural of a waterfall and rushing water. The water drops from a ten feet high shelf to the floor. There is a mist surrounding the falls just as she remembers seeing at Niagara Falls. On the shelf above the falls there are stuffed toy animals among bare branches standing up like trees. Leafed trees are by the side of the falls. It makes this desert room seem like an oasis. She has also filled other walls in her home with paintings of rain scenes and snow scenes from her early life in Indiana. The water she loves is shown in all its forms. There are three-dimensional fish and birds attached to the wall paintings to create further interest. She has done all the designing and painting herself. It is a joy to see especially in summer's heat."
Submitted by Joan Cummins

Since May 2006, Joan and her husband Don often drive together to deliver meals from Tucson Medical Center.

"I like to deliver Mobile Meals because it gets me out of my house. I live near the SE end of Old Spanish Trail in a retirement community and delivering meals makes me feel part of the 'real' world. Mrs. D. and I talk about the old days and I visit with Mr. S. about his neighborhood, grocery shopping, etc. Mr. & Mrs. B. are new clients and because she is ill, they are thankful for the meals. Then there is Mr. B. who is young and ill. He has a bird that flies to my shoulder. Last is Mr. J. who is ill. He always says 'God Bless You.' Where else would I be wished God's blessings each week?"
Submitted by Shirley Potter

Joy of a lady and a Mobile Meals volunteer since 2006, Shirley and her husband Drew, deliver routes to clients receiving meals from St. Joseph's Hospital. She thanks Mobile Meals for keeping her young and active and looks forward to delivering because it gets her out of the house! They are also substitute drivers for other routes.

"Life has been good to me. Excellent health, loving family and the luxury of living in Seattle and Tucson. I enjoy 'giving back' to the communities I live in. The Mobile Meals clients I deliver to from St. Mary's Hospital and University Medical Center are happy to see me, talk with me, and always say thank you. Delivering meals probably makes me feel better than the person getting the meals."
Submitted by Ron Siggs

Ron is a winter visitor to Tucson and an avid golfer. A regular driver since 2003 he often helps out as a substitute driver when a driver is needed. He recently recruited his golf partner to help drive a route.